FRANZ BAKERY OUTLET STORE Delivery & Pickup Options-25 reviews of Franz Bakery Outlet Store"I can't believe no one's review the Franz Bakery Outlet Store yet.Am I the only one who likes cheap bread?You can get all kinds of Franz products for bargain basement prices. Breads,rolls,bagels,English muffins,DONUTS,cookies and even stuffing mix. Keto White Bread.2 loaves.Keto bread from Franz bakery.The ketogenic diet,or keto for short, promotes low carbohydrate, high fat eating that creates a state of ketosis in the body.When in ketosis,the body burns fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel.$25.98.Keto Hamburger Buns.2 pack. So Franz has some amazing breads and they can cost quite a bit especially for the healthier versions like the 24 grain bread etc.However,the same bread baked fresh,you can get here at the Franz Bakery Outlet and for much cheaper too-almost 50 % cheaper than what they sell at other stores in town.